Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I am old(er) now

When I graduated from my undergraduate study, I remember I went to work feeling young and fresh, ready to take anything coming on my way with so much eagerness and curiosity. As a newbie, I was not alone at that time. I was admitted along with some others and I was the youngest back then. Having been almost always the youngest whenever I go (I was among the youngest people among my batch when I was in school and university), I took it for granted that this would always be the case when I'd go join any company.

But years go by and here I am, working for a company where among the staffs at the same level as me, I get to be the oldest. You see, one of the staffs is three years younger and the other one (there are only two staffs at the same par) is... five years younger. She's practically as old as my sister! Gosh. Sometimes it is unthinkable to do the same work with these youngsters. Mais, c'est la vie. A lot of times it is the unthinkable that is happening.

That's why I can't help feeling older these days. When usually I could call a lot of my female colleagues with nick name "Mbak", now it's me who get to be called that way.
What an irony.

Pretty soon, I'll be moving to another company, joining as a management trainee a.k.a. MT. That's another unthinkable, since many of my college friends are already managers now. I guess I will just put on the positive thought: Perhaps I will get to be named the leader among my batch... He-he-he. Talking about being old and (wanting to be) respected *smug