Sunday, November 22, 2015

Ice cream with a comic strip - What's this?

My office has this mini mart run by its employee cooperative (koperasi karyawan) and I'm one of its loyal visitors. One day I checked out its ice cream chest freezer and lo what I found: The classic ice cream sandwich!

Source: My personal collection

This ice cream reminded me of one of the good time in the ole good days when I once in a while lavishly spend my pocket money for an extravagant ice cream like this (you can imagine my "frugal" way of living back then). So, in the spirit of reminiscing "the ole good days", I quickly bought it. I ripped open the plastic wrap and found this:

Source: My personal collection

As pictured on the plastic wrap, there was a comic strip on the sandwich biscuits. The comic strip for the two biscuits (front and back) may be similar or not. The comic was quite amusing, but then again, I bought the ice cream because I wanted to eat it. I took a bite and ...

Source: My personal collection

Eew, it didn't taste as great as I thought it would be. I could actually tell at first glance of the unimpressive ice cream texture (as is always the case with all Wall's products). Aw, it just made me long for the old ice cream sandwich made by Campina (Wall's rival which in my opinion produce much better-tasted ice cream). Really you shouldn't judge the book by its cover (or in this case, an ice cream by its comic strip, hahaha).

Disclaimer: All written here is purely my personal opinion and is not meant to discredit any party written in my posting.


Friday, November 20, 2015

Have a Good Day!

Whoah, finally, writing again after several decades off the blog *exaggerating
For starter, I'd like to post my favorite things nowadays, things that I consume/use/wear frequently. The first object that has the honor to be mentioned first is this bottled-brownish liquid:

Picture taken from
With this, I'm ready to face my day.

Love this drink so much! I have tasted the other variants: Tiramisu Bliss, Funtastic Mocacino, and the fairly new Avocado Delight. All leave not-so-fantastic aftertaste, but not the Green Tea Lattecinno! There's a good balance between sweet and bitter taste of sugar and coffee in this beverage, and the aroma surely reminds me of green tea. So drinking this means you're drinking a mixture of green tea and coffee, hence the name of the variant. The best blend of Good Day so far, I may say. Good job, Good Day!