Friday, November 20, 2015

Have a Good Day!

Whoah, finally, writing again after several decades off the blog *exaggerating
For starter, I'd like to post my favorite things nowadays, things that I consume/use/wear frequently. The first object that has the honor to be mentioned first is this bottled-brownish liquid:

Picture taken from
With this, I'm ready to face my day.

Love this drink so much! I have tasted the other variants: Tiramisu Bliss, Funtastic Mocacino, and the fairly new Avocado Delight. All leave not-so-fantastic aftertaste, but not the Green Tea Lattecinno! There's a good balance between sweet and bitter taste of sugar and coffee in this beverage, and the aroma surely reminds me of green tea. So drinking this means you're drinking a mixture of green tea and coffee, hence the name of the variant. The best blend of Good Day so far, I may say. Good job, Good Day!

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