Saturday, April 11, 2009


Just went to the cinema and watched this movie with my husband. I guess the suspense thriller and the computer special effect are those things which make people line up to see it, thus getting the movie to top the US box office at the moment.


As for me, I was attracted by the idea of the movie, which is about how someone can predict forthcoming tragedies, because I like stories about "gifted" people, especially they who can look into the future.

So I was a bit surprised to find that the story led to Apocalypse. I thought it was going to be about series of tragedies and how John Koestler (played by Nicolas Cage) would finally be able to unlock the mystery behind the numbers and actually "save the day". Boy, how misled I was.

But I'm not going to tell the whole story here for fear of giving you the spoiler (you can always look for relevant websites for details, anyway).

As my valuation of the film, I'd give 3.5 stars out of five for the following reasons:

  • I'm impressed with how "Knowing" got you to think more of life: Are things in our life happening as a mere coincidence ("Randomness"), or are they meant to happen for a cause ("Determinism")? When the end of the world comes, are you ready?
  • The special effect for the plane crash and subway collision has been wonderfully made that they were almost like real (especially the subway collision). I think this is one crucial factor which definitely keeps movie goers come queue in and watch the film.
  • I don't know how thorough the research had been done to create the story, but I am quite content to see that the Armageddon in the movie was pictured mostly similar to what I have always believed: The sun gobbled the earth; the panic and commotion swept over almost everyone (although I think Armageddon should make people no longer care about their family because they'd be busy saving themselves, instead of making family reunion like what John did).
  • But the film was "tainted" with the unnecessary effort of picturing angels bringing away John's son and Diana (oh, you'll know her if you watch the movie)'s daughter and the "space ship" being used to transport those two. I say it's okay to have wild imagination, but sometimes you've got to know that some objects are just beyond imagination. I heard some audiences actually laugh at the scene. Really, I could not blame them because I was also turned off by it.
Now, what do you think? Come, share your opinion. I'd appreciate it if you do.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Finish line - where is it?

It's holiday again, today. Actually I have started having holidays since yesterday. The stock market had a day off because of the national election, and so my office had the same discretion. Today is Easter day. Another day-off.

I want to shout "Yippee!" for getting such a long weekend. Who doesn't? But being a realistic person I've always been, I know I won't be able to go through these four day-offs feeling all happy. There on the back of my head, I know I have this office work I need to finish since ages ago.

In fact, this unfinished work has been the main reasons I'm abandoning my social life: I haven't replied my friends' messages via facebook, haven't responded to their fb comments, and as you can see here, the last posting I had on my blog was on January. God, that was three months ago!

And still I haven't finished it. You know, I'm getting desperate to get it done that last month, I actually hoped for this darn work to finish soon, as my birthday wish. Really.

Birthday wishes from my colleagues: Like an oasis in the desert. Thanks, guys!

You might wonder what it is the unfinished work that has been unfinished even though I have started working on it since... January. God, I'm mortified! It's nothing more than the usual valuation thing I do as an analyst, but my oh my, how difficult this work has been!

First, the company I'm looking at has one complicated business (in my opinion, of course). Not to mention that I'm one of those people who find it hard to focus on one thing. I mean, I'm easily distracted and lose focus. If there's an e-mail coming in, I often resort to open it. And you know how many e-mails you can receive in one day. There's these forwarded or conversational e-mails from your co-workers, not to mention your boss (which is actually a lot less than the initial, ha-ha). And there's office announcement e-mails, e-mails from clients, etc...

To make it worse, when I bump into a problem and have to look for supporting data, usually I end up website hopping and sometimes the website I visit is irrelevant. It goes like, "Okay, I have to find the inventory data of this product". Then, while I'm searching for it, my head says, "While the data is being uploaded on that website, why don't I check new types of mobile phone on that online store. Who knows I can actually find a good one to replace that battered old handphone I got." And I can go for about twenty minutes browsing through the online store before going back to the previous website. Tsk. Totally inefficient way of working.

But maybe this month I can actually finish it. I'm half way to go, I think. Well, if you work on it day in and day out, one day you'll eventually come near the finish line, right?

So, God, please let me see that "finish line".