Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Summer is here

Phew, wasn't it hot these days in Jakarta?
I guess we should welcome summertime because it's already here, and make ourselves get used to shirts drenched with sweat, people's (including ours) smelly body odor that gets smellier now more than ever, and sweaty sleep.

So: Welcome, summertime!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Hidup Tanpa Internet = Susah!!!

Waktu nyokap tanya, "Langganan internetnya nggak usah diterusin ya?", gue nekat aja bilang, "Ya udah." Berhubung langganan internet harus bayar sampai Rp 600 ribuan dan bokap udah pensiun, ya wis lah, nggak apa-apa kali internetnya diputus. Toh, masih bisa buka di kantor atau pergi ke warnet. Selain itu, nggak tiap hari ini buka internet.

Akhirnya bulan Maret kita nggak langganan internet lagi deh. Pertama-tama sih nggak apa-apa, karena provider internetnya juga nggak langsung putusin internetnya. Jadi nggak kerasa deh kalau waktu itu udah nggak langganan internet lagi. 'Twas a good thing krn gue pas msh butuh koneksi internet.

Tahu-tahu, pertengahan April pas gue lagi butuh internet, koneksinya ternyata udah diputus beneran sama providernya. Wuehh, memble dah gue, terutama karena bulan ini kebutuhan koneksi internet gue lagi tinggi-tingginya. Mana internet kantor lagi offline... Huaaaah, tambah merana lah gue. Mailbox yahoo gue udah penuh, nyaris 1000 e-mail gak kebuka. Trus, begitu mau kirim-kiriman e-mail sama klien... wuuppss, maaf Pak. Internet kantor mateee!!!

Nggak lucu juga sih alasan matinya internet kantor. Pertama karena kabelnya dimakan tikus. Begitu problem itu sudah solved, eh, ternyata labkom yang selama ini jadi pusat server udah lama nggak bayar tagihan internet ke Telkom, dan baru ketahuan sekarang. Wadawwww, why does it all happen at the same time?!!!???

Untung gue orang Jawa. Jadi apapun yang terjadi, ya sudah lah. Hhhh....

Habis ini gue mau patungan 50:50 ama nyokap buat langganan internet lagi.
Tapi nggak tahu deh, kapan kita mulai pasang internet, lah wong gue disuruh nyari info tentang provider internet aja males. Alamat nginternet di warnet lagi deh, hiks, hiks.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Alone in the crowd

Okay, okay, for those who wonder what on earth I'm putting these pictures on my blog for without any comment, well, here's the deal. My time is very limited nowadays to surf the net and so I decided to post these pictures first and tell the story later. Yet, time flew away and it happens that I can make some scribbles just now.

The moral of the pictures is this... . Hahaha, there's no moral story in the pictures. I just want to share my story of going on Parahyangan (yup, it's Parahyangan, Fitri. Not Argo Gede) to Bandung. Nothing much to tell you, actually. I went there because I had to coordinate a training there for a BUMN. It was a rush journey to the train station because there were some problems related to another project I was handling and it caused quite a delay to my plan to Bandung.

And so I made it to take the last Parahyangan train (20.30). The journey was all right. It was just that I had to go there with a male senior and I didn't feel all comfortable with the situation. But what should I say? If I hadn't travelled with him, I would have been lost because it was already late and I had no clue about Bandung. And it was quite "creepy" because the female passengers on the train I was on were only two or three, including me. So, in one way, I ought to thank him for accompanying me in a quite "creepy" journey to the unknown land (Hahaha! Bandung? An unknown land? How would I ever get to Paris if I say that?!).

Dua mas jabrik dua kursi di depan kursiku - Quite a view.

These pictures were my only "souvenirs" for you. Me, my senior besides me who slept almost all the way to Bandung, all the other passengers, and a cup of Dunkin Donut's iced choco. Tsk...

Me and Dunkin'