Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Alone in the crowd

Okay, okay, for those who wonder what on earth I'm putting these pictures on my blog for without any comment, well, here's the deal. My time is very limited nowadays to surf the net and so I decided to post these pictures first and tell the story later. Yet, time flew away and it happens that I can make some scribbles just now.

The moral of the pictures is this... . Hahaha, there's no moral story in the pictures. I just want to share my story of going on Parahyangan (yup, it's Parahyangan, Fitri. Not Argo Gede) to Bandung. Nothing much to tell you, actually. I went there because I had to coordinate a training there for a BUMN. It was a rush journey to the train station because there were some problems related to another project I was handling and it caused quite a delay to my plan to Bandung.

And so I made it to take the last Parahyangan train (20.30). The journey was all right. It was just that I had to go there with a male senior and I didn't feel all comfortable with the situation. But what should I say? If I hadn't travelled with him, I would have been lost because it was already late and I had no clue about Bandung. And it was quite "creepy" because the female passengers on the train I was on were only two or three, including me. So, in one way, I ought to thank him for accompanying me in a quite "creepy" journey to the unknown land (Hahaha! Bandung? An unknown land? How would I ever get to Paris if I say that?!).

Dua mas jabrik dua kursi di depan kursiku - Quite a view.

These pictures were my only "souvenirs" for you. Me, my senior besides me who slept almost all the way to Bandung, all the other passengers, and a cup of Dunkin Donut's iced choco. Tsk...

Me and Dunkin'


The Digital Daytripper said...

Should I visit your city next? What would I do? Where would I go? Visit and tell me!



Nahria Medina Marzuki said...

Meeet..itu foto yg sama dunnkin kok gelap siiih....

Wira said...

Kurang cahaya kali, tapi baca trip ke Bandung jadi kangen Bandung ya, sering banget PP naik kereta, kalau siang pemandangannya bagus :)

metty said...

maaf ya klo fotonya gelap.
gak tau nih, blitz kamera gue suka tau2 gak mau nyala.
tp cocok dong dg suasana hati gue waktu itu yg lagi temaram (ceileeee) :P