Sunday, May 30, 2010

Four months away

Gosh, it's so hot now. Even the air con can't cool off the room temperature.
Is the dry season finally here? I don't really enjoy it, but having rain everyday is something I dislike either. Rain makes the journey home from office so frustating, because the traffic jam will get much much worse. To be in constant dry weather like now is not enjoyable too; You get drenched in sweat so fast that the perfume in your wet shampooed hair is quickly replaced by the sour smell. It reminds me of the smell of my nephew's hair after a day of running here and about.

Ah, my nephew... He's so tall now and he's not even five years old. He's adorable and is everyone's favorite. All despite his mocking behavior at times. I always have my husband with me if I'm taking this little guy out. To handle the active kid 24 hours a day is something which makes me tired just from thinking of it. Now to think that in about four months I will have a kid of my own... Am I ready for the challenge, to dedicate my life 24-7 for this little baby growing inside my womb second after second?

Please help me God...