Friday, June 29, 2007

Fairy view

As I was browsing for the word "Edensor", amidst the heap of websites referring to a new novel by Andrea Hirata, this particular website stood up. I admit, my curiosity of Edensor is raised by the frequent mention of the place by Andrea Hirata in the first of his tetralogy, Laskar Pelangi, and ultimately the title he uses for his third novel. What beauty does such place hold that it is repeated again and again through his novels?


Pride and Prejudice. Sense and Sensibility. Emma. As I read through Jane Austen's masterpieces, a view of beautiful sceneries constantly fills my mind: The lustrous green field, houses with smoking chimney, carriages, ladies in billowing dresses, and of course, handsome gentlemen coming with tall hat and riding their horse.

And so Edensor is really the true image of my fantasy. I am wondering whether the place will receive much exposure in Andrea's new novel. Well, that is for me to find out this weekend, if I'm lucky enough to land my hand on one. Other than that, I'm pretty happy that I gain new knowledge of such place's existence (although I think it only adds up to the numerous other junk information already bundling in my brain *sigh).

Bon weekend, tout le monde.

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erna said...

sayangnya perilaku andrea tidak seperti pesan dari bukunya. baru-baru ini andrea tertangkap basah bermalam di satu kamar hotel bersama seorang wartawati tabloid yang memuat profilnya. Beritanya saya dapat dari friendster, saya coba verifikasi kirim e-mail, dan pengirim berita mengirimkan foto bukti. Saya jadi kecewa dan merasa dibohongi, katanya buku itu kisah nyata? Kenapa kok kelakuannya sama seperti oom hidung belang? Pengaruh tinggal di luar negeri?