Wednesday, July 18, 2007

To become a better person: Lesson 1

Anyone reading my blog must have wondered, what on earth I am trying to say here. Well, since most of the time I'm blogging I will need some time to arrange my words, I decide to have the illustration first. Today I feel I have to complete this posting immediately so I can move on to a newer one.

Starting from this posting, I will write about several aspects which have become, well, qualities which I am lacking of. I hope by writing them down, I am opening a way for myself to become a better person, thus at the end of my lifetime on earth I will have no regrets of what I've done.

And here's the first lesson: The road to a friend's house is never long.

So? Well, my laziness often gets the better of me, I think. There have been invitations I did not attend, or an acquaintance getting sick I didn't pay a visit, all was due to my selfishness for wanting to spend some more time for myself. Like I have never had enough of having my own time to myself. Spending 12 hour time at the office working, what do you call that if not having the time to yourself? Gosh, I keep forgetting that by coming to the invitation or visiting acquaintances who get sick or are in mourning, I am holding on to a bonding which at the end of the day when nothing's left of me, might save myself from terrible things; might help release myself from the state of fear and despair.

But as always, saying is easy. The next task left is to walk the talk. And the question is: Do I have bold enough intention to do it?

I wonder...

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