Friday, May 16, 2008

Grow up, man!

What happened in the Morning Meeting session today would absolutely make a good headline if only our company had a newsletter or bulletin. I was not there to witness it (since I was still on the bus trying to make it to the office on time), but from what I heard, it was so shocking and tense. So here's what has happened according to my colleague's story.

As always, presentation by our analysts during Morning Meeting was either interfered by or continued with discussion. Today was no exception at all.

However, something changed the mood of the meeting. When our head of research asked something about a company to the analyst who covers it, this analyst browsed through the newspaper he was holding as if he had not heard anything. He simply ignored her (the head of research)! And he did that not only in front of its research & marketing colleagues, but also in front of us, newbies! My pals were even holding their breath when the scene happened.

I don't know what problem he's having with his boss, but that is surely not the proper attitude to display, especially in front of people beyond his department. He shouldn't mix his feeling with his job. And to think that he is a senior (as in the years of service AND age), he should have known how to work professionally.

Gosh! Sometimes age does not matter.


YESSE said...

Probably she just dumped him..:)

metty said...

Hahaha! And why hadn't I thought of that :))


allo metty

salam kenal juga!

Berly said...

hey, what is the aussie-turn-italian-turn-aussie-again macchiato doing here? Udah di jakarta lagi?