Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Protest and protest... Got (better) solution?

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I was watching Indiana Jones in Setiabudi 21. Little did I know that cars and motorcycles had formed a long line at almost all gas stations in Jakarta for hours and practically caused traffic jams everywhere. Yup, when the clock stroke midnight, the government officially announced increase in the price of all subsidized fuel. What usually took Rp4,500 to buy a liter of gasoline, now is changed to Rp6,000 per liter.

More mass rallies followed, adding to rallies which already took place before the announcement. Students, labors, housewives, drivers of angkot, all protested and demanded for cancellation of the policy. 'Like I care,' that's what probably the government was thinking. With the increasing oil price in the global market, the policy is simply inevitable. Well, that is if we want to keep the government intact and not let it go bankrupt.

Anyway, despite the price increase of gasoline and many household stuffs, and people going on rally day in day out, I don't see significant decrease in the use of cars and other motor vehicles. I mean, if you can't afford the oil, why not taking cheaper transportation such as motor cycle or bicycle? I guess some of us talk too much but do or offer nothing as solution.

Well, it's always easier to talk than to act.


Reza said...


Lets not assume that others have the same level of intellectual as you ;) in other words, mereka ga nyampe kesana mikirnya

YESSE said...

yah begitulah Met...
ketimbang jadi part of the solution, mereka malah nambahin masalah ke orang lain...
macet dimana2..dan akhirnya nambahin konsumsi BBM deh...so ketimbang nambahin beban ke orang lain, mendingan mereka mulai putar otak dan lakukan sesuatu yang lebih nyata ketimbang teriak2 gak keruan di jalan...

metty said...

@ Reza:
May be it is, but then again may be it's pride that becomes the main issue. You know most of us would rather drive than ride a motorcycle/bicycle/bus, let alone walk!

@ Yesse:
Setuju Yes. Tapi gue sendiri sih oke2 aja kalo ada yg mau demo, namanya jg kebebasan berekspresi. Tp gak usah berkepanjangan lah. Selain bikin konsumsi BBM tambah tinggi, isu kenaikan BBM kan gak cuma di Indonesia tapi hampir di seluruh dunia. Pindah aja ke Brunei kalau mau BBM tetep murah :D

virna medina said...

Hi Metty. Nice meeting you (virtually). Visit your url (here) and I have to say I'm impressed that you have consistently maintained your blog for almost 8 years. Nice going. Really hard to be consistent and I've been posting to my own blog for only 4 months. again...thanks for visiting.

Wanna share link with each other? ;)

On the protest thingy:
I have to say I appreciate freedom of expression, so long as it's not in my way, hehehe....
I'm longing to see our people rise, I mean really rise and stand up for their political belief and not because someone told them they should protest. Dunno if we're at that level though.

metty said...

@ Virna:
Hi Virna. Thanks for the compliment. I have to say it is hard to keep this blog going that long. As you can see, in 2006 I posted less frequently. But as long as you maintain your spirit, there is no end to writing.

So happy writing, and I'd be more than delighted to add your blog address in my friends list.

About your comment on my posting:
Maybe to protest, many people today still need to be told. I believe, though, that a certain percentage of those people would want to do it at their own will, someday.

Reza said...

off the topic nih...

how come no one asked me to share links? ;p hehe

metty said...

@ Reza:
Before someone asks you to share your link, why not you ask someone else first to share his/her link? ;)

virna medina said...

Metty, thanks for posting my link on this blog.

Ok Reza. Let's share link ya.
Gede ambek :D

Reza said...


let's share links ;p hehehe
thanks for the advice met

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