Monday, July 07, 2008

Double dipping

I was browsing to get some ideas on dual employment when I "bumped" into this article about double dipping. Double dipping is the act of dipping your food into the sauce pot, taking a bite, and returning to the sauce pot for another dip with that same chunk of food you've been holding. My mom used to yell at me and my sister when she caught us doing it. "It's gross," my mom said. "What if you get to be the next person eating? Will you still want to eat with the sauce?"

She got her point and since then I would spoon some sauce onto my plate and dip into it instead into the sauce pot. Or, I would break this food I have into two pieces and so that way I would not have to make a double dip.

What sucks is that while you try your best to make sure you don't do gross thing such as double dipping, your friends absolutely dishonor your effort. Maybe their parents didn't teach them. Or maybe they know what's to do but they play ignorant. Whichever it is, it's no better-off situation.

Anyway, there is another interesting part I found in the bottom of the same article. It tells about this list of "ten worst chips ever" and guess what chips sit at number one? The chips' brand is "Sepasang Naga Squid Cracker." Mm, sounds familiar to me, I said to myself.

I followed the link and ta-da! The reviewer said this:

"The initial odor is that of a 3-day-old fish market in a third world, or at least the section of the fish docks where the chum isn't even processed. ... The actual taste is that of dead fish, not really squid as the bag promises. It's also not the taste of say, dead grilled salmon, more like the dead fish that didn't make it into shore via net, but rather was carried in by the tide. That's about it. It tastes like dead fishy styrofoam. ..."

And, as if to confirm my suspiciousness, the reviewer said that the package bore these words: "Dibuat dari cumi asli gurih lezat & renyah".

Ah, another "lovely" piece of work from my fellow Indonesians...


YESSE said...

you can't blame the maker though..
after all it's all about taste, people could have different perception of taste of things..

however, i'm curious about this brand..i've never heard about it maybe the reviewer is right about its dreadful taste..

Reza said...

Hai Met,

Agree with Yesse over there, it's all about taste, which initially is a form of habit.

However, i dont share the same curiosity about this brand's taste, i'm gonna take your word on the taste...and stick to ch**tos instead ;)

metty said...

I agree with the two of you about perception difference. However, having said that, I believe the cracker may actually not taste that bad. I mean "petis" may taste yucky to westerners but adorable to Indonesians (especially me, people of East Java) *smile

virna medina said...

Hola... totally agree on the double dipping. My mum juga taught me the exact same thing as yours. I think of it as a bit disgusting (no offense buat yang udah biasa, but we're exchanging germs here).

It's good to exchange views, exchange phone number, but exchange germs... ? Eeeww....come on deh!

Berly said...

its about how well you know the people. there are some that I dont mind sharing germ (and a bit more) with :-)

metty said...

a bit more, ber? elaborate, please... :P