Monday, October 13, 2008

Welcome back to hell

After a week of smooth sailing through the main roads of Jakarta, today everyone joins the 'devil' traffic once again. What took me 45 minutes to go from my home in Pejaten to my office in Thamrin, turned into a one-hour-fifteen minute journey, this morning. Darn. Why don’t those school kids take public transportation instead of private cars? That made my supposed-to-be first day in the new division ruined by showing up late to work.

I guess tomorrow I should come much earlier (I hope I will make it, considering my bad reputation of arriving late almost every time *big sigh).


Yesse said...

hahaha...what public transportation??
welcome back sis..
i'm surprised that you still got that "bad" reputation...i thought you have improved a lot since you've arrived ontime on our two dates...
you can do it sis...ganbatte!!

melur said...

hai, blogwalkin'!
setuju bangettt, bbrp hari yg lalu barusan aja gue mikir, kenapa yaaaa anak2sekolah itu gak dikumpulin di salah satu "pul"yang deket ama rumah mereka (dibagi perdaerah misalnya) terus masing-masing daerah itu ada bus sekolahnya....lumayan bangettttt pastiiiiii ngurangin macetnya......apalagi pas pagi,,dasar anak sekolah manjaa! *maap jadi emosi* just my 2 cents hhehe cheeers!

metty said...

@ yesse:
i'm trying to do something on that notorious part of mine, haha! cost me my fortune, though. :(

@ melur:
hi! thanks for stopping by.
you betcha! totally agree with you! it's just insane, the traffic that they are always causing. but i don't know about that "manja" part. i think their parents are to blame, too, because they spoil their kids in the first place. i hope i have the courage for not spoiling my kids if i have one.