Thursday, November 03, 2011


Whenever I see pictures of my son, I can't believe it's already more than a year since he was born. Everyday it feels as if it were only yesterday that I carried his fragile body, with my mind constantly filled with worry and fear whether I had done things right when it came to taking care of him or whether I would be able to consistently take good care of him. Having been a perfectionist (not 100%, though) always made me jittery and kept thinking "what if this or that happened."

Thank God things went well, although of course some accidents happen (I still shiver as I recount the many times my son fell off the bed when he was younger). Keeping the habit of positive thinking and a belief that "things happen because they should" have been a major help for me to lead a sane life. Now as my son has grown bigger, I want to start to get back to my old ways of life, and that includes blogging. I feel my brain has gone wasted and my English skill deteriorates so blogging is really a way out for me from growing ever more to be an idiot.

And so let this posting be a fresh new start of my blogging life...

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