Thursday, November 11, 2004

Never bite more than you could chew

But I did, and still do...

Figures on the bottom-right corner of my laptop showed '11:27 AM'. "Shoot! Why does this copy-paste works fail me at difficult times like this?" I grumbled to myself. I was supposed to have an appointment in Salemba at 12, but there I was, still busy moving tables from Excel to MS Word. A colleague was expecting me to send him the Word file via e-mail immediately, so I couldn't budge from my chair until I got it all done.

Darn! As time was drawing near the dreaded appointment schedule, I was showing all the signs a restless person could show: tuneless-tones humming, nervous-hands clasping, sighing and re-sighing. I guess the coffee I drank this dawn had something to do with the anxiety - a lot.

Finally, after several efforts of correcting the split-up tables, I managed to solve the problems by simply forget the idea of putting on titles over each of the tables. I darted to my room as soon as the word 'Sent' popped up on the screen. And it's 11.57 already! Arrggghhh!!! I called the person I was about to meet, saying that I would arrive there at 12.30.

Yeah, so much of a rain check. Been trying hard to be at the promised venue as fast as I could, though, which means driving like mad! Note this: leaving my home (near Warung Buncit area) at 12.05, arriving at Salemba at 12.40. Well, I guess it was not fast enough, but with a bit traffic jams and traffic lights here and there (I thought traffic 3 days before Eid-el-Fitr would be more smooth but clearly I was wrong), it was not bad, was it?

Finished with the supposed-to-be 12 o'clock meeting, other task was already waiting for execution. It's like this almost every day - I run from one place to another place to get my jobs done. When I say 'run', I mean 'run' literally. The whole thing makes me feel like a juggler: I have to be able to do several tasks at the same time (the IT people call it 'multitasking').

A dear friend has warned me to focus on one or two jobs because I'm lousy at working in a parallel way. 'Don't bite more than you could chew' is the ideal paraphrase for it. But I did, and still do...


Nahria Medina Marzuki said...

Metty sayang,don't forget to breath.And it's okay to scream if you feel you are always in a rush.Sometimes screaming relieves your nerves (speaking from my experience..hehehe).

Tp kl teriak di kamar mandi ya neng,ntar disangka orang gila lagi...hiihihihihhh..

dyka said...

yang penting berusaha seimbang ya met...hak tubuh pun harus diberi :)...selamat ied fithr ya metty..salam pula buat keluarga di rumah..btw..saudaraku juga banyak orang sumenep nih :)..have a nice week end yaa


::meta:: said...

People say don't multitask. But so far, one of the most frequently used knowledge I got in college is multitasking. (Yeah... you know, doing paper while chatting while watching tv while snacking.). But although I've been doing it for years, somehow I'm still far from mastering it. Well, I master the chatting while snacking or watching tv part. But not the writing paper while watching tv/snacking/chatting part. Gee.. I wonder why..... *grin*

Neways, Met Idul Fitri 1425 S, Metty. Mohon maap lahir batin yah.

stradivari said...

Eid Mubarak, Minal Aidin Wal Faidzin

Nining, Zuhdi, Izza