Monday, March 26, 2007

May day! Financial crunch at bay!

You reap what you sow. In my case, I should say it's me who reap what I sow. For some time I have been wanting for a digital camera. I thought I wouldn't get a hold on one, not until I managed to keep some money first. But the story has taken into a turn.

On March 11, a friend sent an SMS, asking if I wanted to go to the Photography Exhibition at JCC. I figured I could check out the latest model of digital cameras, so I said okay to the invitation. I was supposed to meet her in Plaza Senayan (PS) before we continued our trip to JCC.

Alas, on the way to PS, I had an "accident". As I went out from the bus I'd been taking, my jeans skirt was ripped. I did not realize it until I went to the rest room at PS, so I walked up the crossing bridge in front of Ratu Plaza all the way to PS with my skirt torn about 15 cm or so. Thank goodness I found out about it although I wish I had known it a lot sooner. I tried to make the skirt more decent to wear by putting safety pins here and there. However, I decided I had to get into another dress because I could be so reckless when walking hence get my skirt torn even more apart.

The story continued with an unintentional shopping of a pair of black trousers. I hadn't even got to the exhibition and I already made a purchase. Considering the previous day's shopping for my Dad's birthday present had cost me quite a fortune, this purchase made my financial condition look worse. And it was only March 11.

But the story has not ended there. Having seen so many digital cameras put on the display, I couldn't resist the temptation and there, I bought one 7 mp camera. Yes, I used my credit card for the purchase, but I knew eventually I would have to pay for it.

Now, on the 26th day of the month of March, I entered into a so called "financial doom" situation. I've been taking food from home for lunch, taking the bus to the office, and all things that I could do to keep me "safe". I have the camera that I've wanted, but it comes with a price. A handsome price. Had I really reaped what I sowed... :P


Anonymous said...

aduhh tapi akhirnya dapat kamera yang diimpikan kan met :)...smoga bulan baru segera datang ya met, jadinya ntar udah ga perlu gerakan ikat pinggang lagi :) kabar met?


metty said...

hehehe, iya sih mbak.
no pain no gain, memang :)

alhamdulillah, kabarnya baik. mbak gimana? mdh2an selalu dlm lindungan ALLAH.