Friday, August 31, 2007

Taking it up to another level

It's interesting to realize how much I've learned about life and things for the past five years. Just when you think you get a good grasp of something, something else is coming your way which forces you to repel your own confidence and gasp to find out that you actually know nothing. There are layers of sky to be found beyond what is seemingly the highest sky to reach. Ah, we humans are indeed ignorant beings...

While it is good to admit our limitation, it is better and much challenging to break that limitation. Didn't we as toddlers never fear of falling when we learn to walk? What would happen if we gave up trying? I for example might not have written this posting if I refused to keep on learning to walk.

This kind of confidence is what I'm trying to gather. To tell you the truth, I have long aspired to become a writer. I want to write articles on subjects (I think) I know well or familiar with. But too often I chicken out whenever I read someone else's writings. I keep thinking "Oh my God, I don't have as much as knowledge on this area as this guy does; What do I have to offer to the readers then?" This kind of thought combined with my habits of postponing doing things does not do any good to realizing my dream.

And as always, I actually know the cure to my problem: JUST DO IT! NOW!!!
But fighting laziness - the mother of all evil - is what's more important, really. It sure is the biggest fight for anyone, as Rasulullah PBUH once said. And the timing couldn't be more perfect: Ramadan, the high time for all confessing to be faithful to Allah to fight their nafs.

Who'll be the winner? We'll see. Happy Ramadan, everyone!


Kampret Nyasar said...

Life is a continous learning, dear.. so more new and exciting stuffs await you ahead.. should you found not observing - all this stuffs will come and caught you by surprise.

Seneng udh bisa mampir kesini, salam hangat dari Afrika Barat
PS: Ohya, Warung yang lama ini akhirnya kembali di buka, setelah lama di tinggal mudik.

metty said...

Couldn't agree more to your statement, Kang.

aprian said...

gak bisa jg just do it now..perlu ada perencanaan bukan?..hihihiih

btw, dunia ini dibangun oleh orang-orang malas yang kreatif kok... ;)

jadi.. tetaplah malas tapi jadilah kreatif!..ahhaahahha