Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Welcome ... (hell) traffic jams?!@#?

My, my. How time flies. It was in August the last time I posted something on this blog, and now it's November already! Surely many things happened during the interval. In September, came Ramadan, and in October, we said good bye to the month of fasting and welcomed the new lunar month with the grandeur of Eid Mubarak (or Eid-el Fitr) festival day.

And now we're already coming half way of the month of November. The rainy season has kicked in, along with flood in some areas in Jakarta. Today the storm made its way to the city, and gosh, you should look at the effect it made: TRAFFIC JAMS EVERYWHERE! Apparently trees AND billboards in different parts of Jakarta were unable to stand straight and surrender to the law of gravity thanks to the stormy wind. It's a memorable day indeed, because I had to travel from the Landmark building to my office in Sudirman Park (it's just behind the Shangri-La Hotel) in almost 45 minutes! On a normal day, it takes me as much time to travel from my home in Pejaten to my office.

What a crazy day, indeed!

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