Wednesday, November 14, 2007

This weekend's choices of fun

This weekend the people of Jakarta will have more varieties of fun to pick as many interesting events are held and they are ranging from art to books and computer.

If you're a music lover, jazz especially, you would probably like to spend your Sunday watching several top notch jazz bands or singers performing at the annual Jazz Goes to Campus. The 30th event will be held in UI's Depok campus. That's Universitas Indonesia if you don't know what UI stands for.

If you fancy another form of art, dance and theatrical specifically, the Art Summit Indonesia V will most likely suit your taste. I myself have eyed on Butet's monologue bearing the title "Sarimin - Maunya Jujur Malah Ajur".

Meanwhile at the Jakarta Convention Center, two exhibitions are ongoing until Sunday, November 18. The exhibitions are Indocomtech (exhibition of computer and other IT gadgets) and Indonesia Book Fair 2007. I bet these two will be the center of attraction for the middle class of Jakarta, so if you plan to go there, make sure you're ready with the traffic jam going in and out of the exhibition area.

One agenda which shouldn't be missed out by those planning to get married soon (or much later, it won't make the difference, anyway) is the Ragam Pernikahan Nusantara exhibition at Balai Kartini. Drop in there and you'll find the extravagant of ethnic marriages in Indonesia.

I want to write more on this topic but I got to go now. Must get ready for tomorrow's actions of fun. Hope you have fun too!

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