Monday, April 28, 2008

Am I stupid or what?

The other day I had a conversation with a colleague who happens to be my junior (way way junior) back in the university. The conversation started with discussion over how students today have to cope with so many tasks. Every day there is at least one task to submit because lecturers of each subject give homework to their students.

"The tasks are too many. I used to trade my assignments with my friends from other classes, and on the other hand they will provide me with the assignment for another subject," prompted my colleague. "The lecturer wouldn't find out because we had different lecturer anyway," he gloated.

"But that was not the right thing to do," I protested but did not want sound too offending.

"How come? The lecturers were happy because the students submitted their assignments, and we're happy because we could prevent ourselves from not turning in the tasks. Everybody's happy, right?"

I did not know what to say. To me, that's against my heart. But then again, listening to all my colleague's defense, I'm thinking again: Am I just a plain stupid or what?


Berly said...

hmm... would be interesting to find out the term of trade.

Would someone with reputation of writing good paper could get 2 paper for his/her? Would the same person get some other payment than trade (not only cash, maybe also a plesant chat with the class' beauty/handsome)

metty said...

Ah, I think that someone who has good writing skill will find someone else who has a skill of approximately equal. Why would he/she accept papers of lower quality - except, like you said, there's a catch to it (to get closer with someone he/she has a crush on, for example)?

Or maybe you have another theory to propose?

YESSE said...

Hey there's a business opportunity there..just open a booth that provide any papers on any topics for money...just kidding...
Really, doesn't it count as plagiarism?

metty said...

Plagiarism indeed.
Anyway, that kind of business is already running out there, Yesse. It's sad but true. *sigh