Thursday, April 03, 2008

No longer the same

I was standing in a line to get my groceries to the cashier. Everything was normal at the grand hypermarket that day. Moms were busy with their groceries and their kids, either getting another pack of sugar for the family’s monthly consumption or trying to tame down their kids’ sudden hunger for snacks and candy bars they saw on TV the other day. Girls were talking loudly while browsing at the variety of body spray and trying each one out without actually making any purchase. Couples were cruising down the aisles, looking around for the goods they need.

Everything was normal that day except that I was standing there no longer as a celibataire, but as somebody’s wife. And to me, things would never be the same again.


Anonymous said...

And... uh, is that a good thing? Or just different?

metty said...

That's one good question. Thanks.

I will say a mixed of both. There's the downside too, but I don't fuss over it. Take the good, leave the bad, that's all I did (and still do).