Monday, January 05, 2009

Gov't officials are doing horror now?

You may call me a wimp, chicken, or anything, but the truth remains that I'm not an avid fan of horror movies/stories. I always think that life has been too burdensome to live through, so why waste it with watching movies/reading stories that will create nightmares to your sleep? I can stand detective or murder theme, but never horror.

It's the tense that I can't bear from a horror flick: The sound of the soundtrack which makes the movie even more scarry than it has already been, the agony of expecting the worst to happen but not knowing when exactly it will happen...

I remember when I was about seven years old, my parents played one of Suzanna's horror movies
at home while I was out playing in my friend's house. It was the one with a scene in which Suzanna as a long-haired backless ghost (we call it sundel bolong in Indonesia) ordered a big portion of satay, and when the satay seller gave the food to her, he instantaneously freaked out as her back blurted out the satay she had eaten as soon as she finished chewing it. Unfortunately, I got back at the same time the scene was playing, and until now I never forget that particular scene.

Too bad. Recently I had to encounter another horror, only this time it's in real life which made it even worse.

It happened yesterday. After my husband finished reading Sunday edition of Kompas paper (because I got up later *grin), I took my turn and went straight to the pages on life as usual. And bang!* On that page, there was a big picture showing 'mutilation' of the remnants of the Majapahit Kingdom and I let out a squeal as soon as I laid my eyes on it.

Oh my God!

I was hoping that I was only daydreaming, but it was as if the picture had screamed the fact to the world. You might wonder why I reacted in such a weird way. You see, having been born in East Java, I always believe that in a way, I may have an ancestor who spent his or her life in Majapahit either as commoner or better yet, an heir. I know it's ridiculous, but hey, anyone can have his/her own imagination, right?

And so I found myself not eager to continue the rest of the story. It was for me another kind of horror. I dreaded to read the whole story and found out something far more horrible in the later section. You know, this is worse than horror movie, because unlike a movie, I could not just turn it off so it would stop playing. The tragedy happened for real!

I'm really sick with government officials right now. No need to go to the DVD rental to get a horror movie; It's already played in real life by those short-minded dimwits. Oh I wish I had not been born in a country which did not pay any single respect to its own history!

*No actual sound was produced. It is to highlight the shock I was experiencing.


Yesse said...

sad isn't it??
even sadder when you read today's newspaper..
it seems that they don't stop the project at all, even after its damage were exposed more openly..
but, it's no surprise to me..
you can see by the way "old houses and buildings" were demolished for something with modern taste. It's a proof that some people don't have respect for the past...

Berly said...

Udah di stop katanya.
Untung di bawa ke media dan di protes masyarakat

metty said...

@ Berly:
Thank God! Could my posting have anything to do with it? :D

@ Yesse:
I guess we owe the media this time to have brought up the subject. Otherwise we could only cry over much more spilled beans.