Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The term 'upsize' should be familiar when you are visiting Starbucks and you are using BCA credit card to pay your coffee, because that's when you get to 'upsize' your order. That means when you initially order a tall cup, you have the privilege to get your coffee in a bigger cup - that is grande - when paying with the BCA credit card (Why does this begin to sound more like a BCA advertisement? Ah, nevermind).

Actually, that's the only familiar 'upsize' term I know so far. Oh, and this:

Many times people mistaken two things about me: age and weight.

First: Many people think I'm about 26-27 years old, while the fact is I'm much younger (yeah, rite). It does me good when I meet people I'm not hanging out on a day-to-day basis, but it develops a mixed feeling for me when somebody at the workplace who is five or more years younger treating me like I'm no older than one or two years away from him/her. I mean it's great that I look that young, but it's not so great if those younger people begin to act in a way that they are not supposed to do to older people. But then if I think of it again, perhaps I have been behaving in a way which make them think I'm not old enough to gain more respect from them. I don't know. Have I?

Second: Some people (women, mostly) said this to me: "Oh, I envy your body. How come you are so thin?" Reality check: I'm not thin. Not after I ruined three of my trousers (I broke the zipper) because my waistline grew a lot. And they have been my favorite trousers!!! Tsk. Now I have to get new ones.

Then again, should I "upsize" my clothes, or should I just exercise? The more difficult route should be the healthier choice, but can I commit to it?



Reza said...

hahahaha...i've been dying to shed some comments on your blog ;)

But before we get to the main event...There's actually one more size greater than grande, it's called venti ;p

Anyway, i kinda agree with the age thingy, when you said that people think that you're about 26-27 years old, you do look 10 years younger met ;p ;p

But when it comes to respect, i think that respect is a game (if we can call it a game) where you give some BEFORE you get some. Don't expect that you'll get more respect than what you've shown others. So start behaving like a thirty something years old!! ;p

Last, of course exercise is the much more favorable option, but just prepare some "upsized" clothes just in case you quit along the way ;p (knowing you, this should make you exercise even harder ;p)

Berly said...

maybe you should change your credit card...so no more upsize :-)

metty said...

@ Reza:
You always know how to "play the game", don't you, Za? First you praise her, and then you "stab" her? :P
And could you show me how it is to behave like a thirty something years old? I don't have a clue here.

@ Berly:
That's another problem, Berly, because I don't have the credit card. :D

Reza said...


can't help you there Met, i've never been thirty years old ;p you're on your own this time...hehehe

Frita Amrita said...

Nice writings with proper english :)
Need to learn from u