Thursday, August 22, 2013


Wow, what should have been a few hours when I said "see you LATER" on my previous posting turns out to be a few months. Well, let's look at the bright side: The year is still 2013 and not 2014. Or much later *giggle

It is certainly not easy to write a blog post especially after you have two kids, one is nearly 3 years old and the other one 8 months. The little one particularly sticks to me like a postal stamp and would scream like someone had harmed her, almost everytime I put her down even for a little while (This is my thesis: There's this lingering anxiety in second borns that your loved ones will not pay attention to you and leave you for the big brother/sister, so they often act up.).

That's problem no. 1. 

Problem no. 2: I am a working mother who leaves for work at 7.45 AM and arrived home at 9-ish PM. 

Problem no. 3: I cannot blog at the office because is blocked.

Problem no. 4: I don't carry around my laptop because it's too heavy and I already have 2 bags to carry to the office: Bag no. 1 is my main bag where I put my wallet, cell phones, umbrella, etc.; Bag no. 2 is for carrying breastmilk bottles and sometimes lunch box.

Problem no. 5: I am already too sleepy and tired when I get home, or too busy with my kids or house chores, or simply too lazy to blog because there's this temptation to just watch korean drama instead, hahaha.

While on the train on the way home, I often think, if only there is this machine which could translate what I'm thinking of or saying on my mind into written words. The time wasted while standing or sitting doing nothing should have been directed for better things like blogging instead of just making tweets or checking people's facebooks. Blogging is writing, and writing makes you think a lot. In my case, blogging is my way of recalling my english skill. And posting some rants. Curhat colongan if you say it in bahasa indonesia. :)

Problem no. 6: There was a time when I didn't have internet connection at home. No modem. If I want to get internet connection, I would have to wait my husband to come home and lend me his modem. So pitiful, wasn't it?

So, today is a special day because I get to make a blog post. Yay!

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