Friday, July 04, 2014

안녱 하서

It's not until tonight that I find out I can open after working hour at my office. Yippee! Now I can write again on my blog! I haven't written any post for a long long time because I usually arrive at home late. When I got home, my kids had been asleep and I didn't find opening or even touching my laptop appealing at such hour. I often think if only there were a machine that could type what I was thinking, that would be super cool. Perhaps I have to wait for my kids' generation to build one for me *wishful thinking

Now let's catch up with what I've been up to lately. As you can see on the post title, it's a hangeul a.k.a. Korean writing. Thanks to my addiction to Korean drama, I grow my curiosity in the language. Moreover, it's said that the Korean alphabets are among the easiest to learn.

So there I go. I downloaded several study material at and tried to understand the language, 한국어 or hangugeo, they say. Yes, it did seem easy when I follow the material. But I haven't got the chance to download all the materials and so I haven't learned much, actually. Still I'm happy that I've experienced something new.

Then one day a colleague offered the Korean drama maniacs in my office to join her in a Korean language class. That's great! That was what I think until I realize that oh my God, it's not easy at all to learn the hangugeo.

There's the alphabets that I have to learn by heart, which I haven't so far. To really get a good grasp of it, writing practice everyday is necessary, and that's something I haven't committed myself to. I tried to read them whenever there are some hangeul alphabets displayed in a Korean drama or show, but I ended up pulling my hair out of frustration.

In the class, the seonsaengnim (선생님) or the teacher has begun to talk in Korean all the time. "Oh oh," I was thinking, "What was he saying?" It seems that I'm not the only one, because there was one time when the seonsaengnim (who is still at his 20's by the way. Gosh, can't you believe that? I'm being taught by some kid!) talked to her in Korean. He was asking her to repeat a sentence that we had just learned. And what did she do? She said, "Ne (네)", which means "Yes". Yes, I got it but I didn't really get it, that's more like it *lol

So please don't ask me to talk in Korean. I will probably say "Annyeong haseo (안녱 하서)", and then "네? 네..."

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