Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Oleh-oleh dari Prambanan (2)

Going to SF Annual Gathering also means getting exclusive t-shirts for free. Scholars have even been receiving school bag starting last year. Anyway, we're supposed to wear the t-shirts for several programmes, i.e. team games and gala dinner on day 2, and social trip on day 3. For male scholars (and female scholars who don't wear head scarf), it means lighter luggage on the way to the venue. Pas moi. Since none of the t-shirts were long-sleeves, I still had to bring long-sleeve shirts to be worn underneath the SF t-shirts (*sigh).
I don't mean to show lack of appreciation for the t-shirts. They are of good fabrics and neutral colors. But those t-shirts never fit me perfectly. Last year they were oversized. This year it was the opposite. And I wish we'd get long-sleeve t-shirts, at least for the outdoor activity. That way I could still use the t-shirt even after the annual gathering was over. Last year I gave away several of the t-shirts to some (male) relations because they (it's the t-shirts I'm talking about, of course) would be of little use for me. Where else would I wear them if not inside the house? This year I've been meaning to give away t-shirts again, but they are the kind of t-shirts that fit only for women. Kaos adik, you know. Well, I guess I'd give them to my family's housekeeper. Lucky you, Mbak Sarminah. 
Three days have passed since I got home from Annual Gathering, but I could still hear clearly SF's theme song "Spread Our Wings" buzzing in my ears over and over again. Thanks to SF crew who had played the song repeatedly during Annual Gathering, now I could barely think of another song to hum when I'm doing my works. "SF's trying to brainwash us," my fellow scholars said. Yeah, a successful one.
It's not a bad idea actually to sing it over and over again, since the lyrics are inspiring. The song is hard to catch the first time we hear it. But once you get good grasp of it, it'll stick to your head and won't wear off. It creeps into your soul and it haaauuuunnnttsss you, hahahahaha (*udah gila, hehehe)! Go check the words below and you'll understand what I've been raving about. Enjoy.
Spread Our Wings 
(Sampoerna Foundation Theme)
I can dream the impossible
I fear not the obstacles
For if I believe in me
I can make it possible
I'll shine my light for all to see
For a gem can't be polished without friction
Nor a man perfected without trials
We all take different paths in life
But no matter where I go
I will feel safe knowing that
We're all together in this journey
For we are one big family
There'll always be time for sharing
and caring for each other
even when we are far apart
Like an eagle we spread our wings
Soaring high in the sky of dreams
Always strive to be the very best
And help others to soar as high
We remember the start
We will go through the journey
We will reach the goals
Let's lend our hands to our brothers and sisters
Let's make a brighter tomorrow for others
Make their impossible dreams possible
For when we believe, when we are together
We can make a difference

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