Sunday, September 26, 2004

Songs You Grow Up With

Never do I live my everyday life without listening to music. Well, in events like travelling out of town, it is not easy to get a grab of a teevee or radio. Still, I can make the music play out loud inside my head and I would hum along a bit - I don't want to make everyone start staring at me admiringly and beg for my signature if I sing the whole song ;)

I guess I owe my ears for music to my dear mom. She has always liked to listen to the radio or music tape. It is because of her that I know songs like "New York-Rio-Tokyo", "Careless Whisper", or Vina Panduwinata's "Burung Camar" and her other songs, and also Harvey Malaiholo's song collection. In fact, the songs are like tokens of stages of my growth.

"New York-Rio-Tokyo" was a song that remind me of the time when my family and I would go to malls or to my uncle's house on our car on Saturday nights, when we still lived in Surabaya. That's because the tape that contained the song was played more frequently than any other music tapes we had (yeah, like we had had many music tapes), during our journey. I was like 4 or 5 years old at that time.

And then I got Peabo Bryson's song. No, not that Aladdin's soundtrack. I'm talking about Bryson's song that became the theme song of Santa Barbara soap opera. Remember? I can't bring up with the title but I'm sure you know what I mean. The song was like the theme song for my life at the age of 10-12, when I was already in Jakarta and spoke "gue-elo" instead of "aku-kamu".

Woosh... Let's speed to the era of Spice Girls. When Spice Girls released their first album, I was busy preparing for my state university entrance test, or what we all knew as UMPTN. Great song it was to 'spice up' my spirit for studying.

"Leaving on a Jet Plane" was a must-remember song. I have so many songs that I like but I never get to remember the lyrics of any of them, except for this one. I was in my third/fourth year student when the song became a hit, and it was like the right song for me to express my heart sentiment during that full-of-moments-of-broken-heart of time. Not that the lyrics suited to what was happening. It just felt 'right'. And since the song was not so difficult to remember, I chanced to learn and remember it. Yippee! At last, I have a song to sing for karaoke!

Talking about songs to celebrate a broken heart, I find this song very very representative. How about you?


Anonymous said...

wah... gw jg keknya klo sehari aja idup tanpa musik bisa menggila kali yak :p

music is a very very important element in my life... thx to my parents too :D wkt gw msh kecil duluw jg udah dibiasain ama musik... cuma duluw ya dibeliin kaset lagu anak2 gituw deh... inget melissa dg "abang tukang bakso"-nya ? :p

klo musik pop barat yg gw beli kasetnya pertama kali atas pilihan gw ndiri tuw gw inget banged ada paula abdul, taylor diane (eh gimana sih nulisnya? lupa gw :p pokoke sing nyanyi lagu "love will lead you back) ama nkotb... hauhauhua... pasti inget dong nkotb? sapa sih yg gag tau ama boys band yg pernah meledak di awal '90-an itu?!

speakin' bout that daniel beddingfield's song, huaaa!! gw pernah bener2 terhanyut klo denger lagu itu, gara2 gw lg ngalamin kisah kasih yg menyakitkan :p so i totally agree with you! :D

btw, nama gw mput ^^ nice to be here :D

Nahria Medina Marzuki said...

Broken heart song that is so "Me" : How do you heal a broken heart....
I can cry for hours listening to that song. Also,Crush by The Beau Sister...."I'm crush..."

Indonesian song...mmm...Januari,Glenn, is moving.Berakhir di Januariiiii....hiks...hiks...

the fool said...

Haha, yeah, I still remember one popular song when I was at elementary school: Gejolak Kawula Muda. Nyuk.

As a bunch of kids, we were prone to pop culture. We even impersonated breakdancing using a broken neon sign. And we thought it was the coolest thing we'd ever seen.

umar said...

... how about "It ain't over 'till it's over", is it from a song by Lenny Kravitz?

metty said...

Hai Mput! Assalamu'alaykum. Nice to have you visited my blog :)

Jelas gue inget lagunya Melissa itu. Gila gak sih, lagu gak ada maknanya gitu bisa ngetop abis pas jaman itu? Klo NKOTB itu lg jaya2nya pas gue SMP. Elo suka personil yg mana? Klo gue sukanya Jordan Knight, hehehe.
Finally, ternyata ada jg yg share the same feeling about Daniel Bedingfield's song, ihik, ihik *terharu*

Right, those songs are just the perfect tunes for broken heart. Can't agree more...

the fool:
Hahaha! Then you must have liked "Catatan Si Boy" movies and the soundtrack. Do I guess right?

Dunno. Is it? I use it for my blog's title because it just popped in my mind. Thank God then, if it has resemblence with the song title of such a famous musician like Lenny Kravitz :D

Luigi said...

Currently the songs from Kahitna has helped me to calm my moods and tryingto enjoy the homesickness...can't wait to be back home...!!:)

fitri said...

that would be peabo bryson's "if ever you're in my arms again". i was a big fan of this soap opera:)
my whole time favorite are semoga-nya kla project, tamali maak from amr diab, and rio speedwagon's in my dreams. the first became my favorite because it was the soundtrack of my high school years:), the second because the singer is really cute and the third i choose mainly because of the lyrics.