Friday, September 17, 2004

Susu Ultra Coklat

When I was a little girl, my father used to take me to a nearby shop on his motorcycle on Saturdays. There, he bought me chocolate-flavored milk - known as 'Susu Ultra Coklat' - and 'Full Milk' chocolate bar. How I loved those moments! I know, for other people it meant nothing, but for me, it was a lavish treat and I always looked forward to it every week end.

Now that I'm all grown up, every time I go to a shop or to a super market and catch the sight of the milk, all my childhood memories flash back in front of my eyes all of a sudden. It's like I am being reminded to look back and be thankful to Allah for everything - both the high and the low - that has made me what I am right now.

My family and I used to live in 'rumah kontrakan' and motorcycle was our means of transportation. Then things got better. We moved to a house of our own and after one or two years, my parents could afford to buy a car. Things were okay, but then my father was assigned to move to the headquarter by his employer. That means we had to move from Surabaya to Jakarta.

For me our family's moving to Jakarta was more than just moving. It also means a change of the way we - or I, to be precisely - look at life. Surabaya has always been a home to me and I never dreamt of living my life anywhere but in that city. Now, here I am, walking, eating, inhaling and exhaling the air of Indonesia's capital city. I don't know what would happen if I stayed on living in Surabaya. I guess I would never have thought of how much variety the life offers or how many opportunities are out there had I lingered in Surabaya.

A long journey indeed. And all started with my favorite 'Susu Ultra Coklat'.


Raqz said...

i love the little prince... memories rule! lots of love from brazil!!!

Luigi said...

When I was a kid, I really cherish the time of having some small change and run quickly to the nearest "warung" to buy that Chocolate Bar "cap ayam jago", dunno whether you recall that time goes by and years have passed, as I landed in Liberia.. I remembered my "chocolate bar", that the colour of the people here are truly the same as my favourite childhood bar..., Long live the compassionate to after them. Yóu'd never know how far would you go with it. Hugs from west Africa! :)

fitri said...

dulu waktu kecil seringnya minum susu kpbs, asli pangalengan. selalu pilih yang rasa strawberry.
sayang, kpbs versi sekarang udah nggak seenak dulu:(

metty said...

Hi RaQuel! So you're a big fans of The Little Prince, huh? Me too!!! BTW lots of love from Indonesia! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Hey, I love 'Coklat Jago' too! But that was when I was already in Jakarta. In Surabaya, I would use the small change to buy cheese-flavored Chiki and collect the gift they put in the food package :)
Thanks for the advice. Sure I'll go after them with the best I have in me. Que sera sera. The most important thing is that I've tried, right?
Warmest regards from Pejaten Barat, Jakarta :)

Susu kbps nggak nyampe Surabaya sih. Mgkn kalau ada, bakal jd favorit jg. Hm, klo dipikir2, tnyata jajanan lbh variatif di Jakarta drpd di Surabaya...

fidiah said...

Hmm... nice story. Benar-benar menyentuh bwt aku. Dimanapun kita berada Hidup susu coklat!!! coz I`m ChocHoLate MiLk Maniaaaa haha!!

Wira said...

Susu ultra tuh emang tetep yang paling enak, entah kenapa, sudah merasakan berbagai macam susu coklat tapi lain deh :-)

Nice story Metty, dan oya, Selamat Tahun Taru 2006!!