Monday, April 09, 2007

Bye bye

As a big fan of the Amazing Race Asia show and also as someone who's never been going overseas before (*sigh), missing the opportunity to join the race is almost unbearable (a bit of exaggerating, that is). The deadline for application entries has been closed on April 13, so I can only say: Good bye, my golden opportunity!

Being someone at her middle 20th, the most likely thing one would be doing is working her butt off for some no-nonsense employer who just does not appreciate (and believe, I assume) the joy of being youth. What I'm saying is it's so so difficult to get anyone I know well to join the race, because they just can't leave their work for a month or so. Well, I guess the one who says yes to my offer is practically as insane as I am, what to leave our job for such a long period of time and later come back to... become jobless, definitely. I actually haven't deserved to get any sabbatical leave, to tell you the truth, since I haven't been in my current job for a year. So...

Dang it. I still crave for that surge of adrenaline pumping through my vein... And a sudden celebrity status ... well, let's take it as a bonus ;)

Anyway, a dream remains a dream. Bye, bye TARA (read: my youth). Whaaa :(


Berly said...

Ciao Metty, gimana kabarnya? sorry baru ngecek blog setelah balik dari Turkey (posting menyusul). Take care and keep in touch

metty said...

je vais bien, berly, merci.
pls make a visit to my blog anytime possible. you too, take care.