Sunday, August 29, 2004

Schumacher F1 World Champion - Michelin Ngeselin!

Ubber Alles!
Fabulous!!! Although finishing his race in the second place after Kimi Raikkonen, Michael Schumacher made it getting his world championship title in today’s F1 race in Spa. After battling 44 laps to the finish line, Schumacher was finally able to score his 7th title of the world champion, which was also the 7th for Ferrari team. He actually would have been able to finish in the first place had he geared up during the start and not lost his position to number four. It was said that it happened because the car Schumacher was driving in was carrying a lot of fuel which made it more difficult for him to speed up the car. Another commentator said that it was Schumacher’s wisdom to slow down a bit so that he could prevent his car from colliding with another car.

Whatever the reason is, I truly admire him for his cool disposition even though he didn’t manage to become number one in the race. At first I thought he would be disappointed for not succeeding on being number one. But when the winners took their position in the podium, there was no trace of such disappointment in Schumacher’s face. He showed his smiley face as usual – although it was not as wide as when he became the number one champion, I think – and merrily burst the champagne and sprinkled it to his team.

Later at the press conference, Michael confessed that he would have been happier had he finished the race in the first place, but he couldn’t have asked for more. With such rough start he had to go through, finishing the race as number two was the best result he could get and he was very thankful for that. Schumacher also said that the result was satisfying for the whole team as Barichello who was left far behind during the start, turned out to finish in the third place, so it was joy to everyone. Wow, I said to myself. Had I been in his place, I would be disappointed, I guess, because that was the way I felt when the result came out.

Surely I was being emotional. It felt as if I was the one behind the wheel, and it was so depressing to know that you’re just inches away from being number one. Well, I suppose I have to learn a lot about mastering my emotion from Michael after this :) . I say, Michael, you’re one true champion.

Full of Drama
The race itself was full of drama as one tragedy after another took place in the Belgium race runway. It was begun with Schumacher slowing down and letting Coulthard steal his position, which forced him to race from the fourth position. Meanwhile, cars behind Schumacher were fighting each other to become ahead of the others, and crash! Suddenly all I know, debris of the front wing of a car (I’m not sure whose car it was) were anywhere and Sato (or was it Button?) was sent out of the track. Not far from Sato (or Button), Pantano’s car crashed into errm, whose car was that?

Hahaha, I’m not making a good report, here. What I’m trying to say is the start was something you don’t want to miss because of the major drama taking place. Barichello, for an example, was made to do an early pit stop so that he could get some parts of his car fixed. It was so unlucky of him as it made him drop his position down from top 10 to the 17th. Finishing the race in the third position indeed signified the fantastic and great job Barichello had been doing during the race.

Anyway, the drama did not stop there. Half way through the race, several cars had a puncture due to overheating. Coulthard, Button and Montoya were among those who experienced such incident. The interesting thing is that all those drivers had been using Michelin tires. If those drivers knew Bahasa, I’m sure they would have said: “Michelin ngeselin!*%@!!” The term itself is perhaps not enough, because the low quality of the tires had endangered the drivers’ safety, let alone their racing position. I wonder whether Michelin would still be regarded the tire of choice by the racers after this.

Overall, I was contented that I followed the going of today’s F1 race all the way from the start to the finish. Tomorrow, there’s another race to go through; the race where I get to be the person behind the wheel. So buckle up, drivers in Jakarta, for here comes Metty! ;))


Ninit said...

duh ga nyangka metty suka F1!!! :-)

metty said...

Ohohoho, it runs in the family, Nit. Nggak anaknya nggak emaknya, semua doyan F1 dan doyan ngebut!!! :D

fidiah said...

Schummy is the best till this year... Button will take over next year!!!! :p